Pipe contours for stretch ceilings

Pipe contours for stretch ceilings wholesale and retail

It is used when installing a stretch ceiling in order to hide and / or reinforce the passage of pipes.

There are several types of pipes and types of contours for them:

  • For reinforcement/strengthening
  • For heating
  • For sewer
  • For water supply pipes
  • Decorative
  • Large and small diameter
  • Translucent, transparent, white or colored
  • Decorative pipe caps
  • and much more

Thanks to this solution, the process of mounting the canvas, in places where there is a pipe, has become easier and faster. Having chosen a bypass suitable for the diameter, it is enough to glue it at the place of the cut of the canvas to bypass the pipe. It is attached with Cosmofen glue. There are bypasses of pipes of different diameters, both of a specific size and universal ones.

Such rings are made of polycarbonate (transparent or translucent color). There is also a practice of manufacturing such elements from ABS plastic.

This element can be divided into two main groups:

  • Decorative pipe contours (Decorative plug for stretch ceilings) - used to decorate the places where the pipe passes through the ceiling. Mostly white is used, but there are also other colors, mainly in brown tones (under the tree)
  • Pipe contours for reinforcement - the main purpose of these elements is not to allow the canvas to disperse or tear.

Pipe contours for stretch ceilings dimensions

Standard plate sizes for heating risers are from 20mm to 45mm. What is provided in the universal plate. Therefore, this pipeline bypass element is alternative and universal. In turn, this type of bypass is most often used. There is also a bypass for large diameter pipes.

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In each product, you can view the cost per unit, taking into account the desired wholesale. Now, in order to buy in bulk, it is enough to select the required wholesale quantity and place an order, which is also simple in our online store and is done in two mouse clicks.

Also, if necessary, you can purchase on our site at retail.

Buy pipe contours for stretch ceilings at retail

There is no limit on the amount purchased on the CDNS website. You can purchase either one unit or any other quantity, as needed. In order to make a purchase, you must select a product. Specify the delivery address (Nova Poshta branch). And the contact details of the recipient. Next, pay for the goods, and after receiving confirmation of delivery to the specified address, pick it up.

Pipe contours for stretch ceilings
Pipe contours for stretch ceilings
Pipe contours for stretch ceilings
Pipe bypass for stretch ceilings universal 20-45mm
In Stock Product Code: ОТУ-1
Pipe bypass for stretch ceilings universal 20-45mmThe convenience of this bypass lies in its versatility in size. Suitable for all standard heating ri..
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