Stretch ceiling pipe bypass

Stretch ceiling pipe bypass is one of the most difficult elements in the installation of ceilings. Unlike a conventional thermal ring, which is glued before the hole is cut. Here it is necessary to first make a cut, go around the pipe with a canvas, snap the canvas behind the pipe, and only after that the pipe bypass is glued to the stretch ceiling. The farther the pipe is from the wall, the more experience is required for installation. Since there is a possibility of consumption at the point of cutting the canvas. But for any master, this is not a problem.

The main types of plates for reinforcement during the installation of stretch ceilings.

  • Universal
  • For the required diameter
  • White
  • Translucent/Transparent

Bypass pipe for stretch ceiling buy wholesale and retail

On the site you can choose the type of bypass for yourself as needed. We have a wide range of wraps available. Prices from the manufacturer. It is possible to purchase both wholesale and retail. Both for large companies, manufacturers of stretch ceilings, and for anyone.

Bypass pipe for stretch ceiling dimensions

There is a wide variety of diameters and shapes of contours. From the smallest to the largest. They also vary in shape, color and design. Universal pipe bypass for stretch ceiling diameters from 2 cm to 4.5 cm.

Обвод трубы для натяжного потолка
Обвод трубы для натяжного потолка
Обвод трубы для натяжного потолка
Pipe bypass for stretch ceilings universal 20-45mm
In Stock Product Code: ОТУ-1
Pipe bypass for stretch ceilings universal 20-45mmThe convenience of this bypass lies in its versatility in size. Suitable for all standard heating ri..
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